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HPIP Edmund Jones - (Chartered)

HPP Eddie Morrison - (Founder)

PP Roosevelt Huggins - (Founder)

The History Since 1975

Nubia Temple No. 191 was organized on January 11, 1975 and chartered August 15, 1975. Nubia Temple No. 191 were introduced with a ritualistic team from Medji Temple No. 45 of Fort Worth, Texas, under the leadership of Dr. L.L. Milton, Deputy Imperial Potentate of Beaumont, Texas, held the Creation of twenty-six brothers that was organized into Nubia Temple No. 191 of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in Killeen, Texas on January 11, 1975. The following officers were elected in the newly organized Temple:
Noble O.D. Marshall was elected as the first Illustrious Potentate; L. Dawson elected as the Chief Rabban; J.A. Mason was elected as Assistant Rabban; J. Seawood was elected as the High Priest and Prophet; J.J. Walker was elected as the Oriental Guide; B.G. Brewer was elected as the Treasurer; S. Ritzberg was elected as the Recorder; W. Gibson was appointed as the Assistant Recorder; E. Jones was appointed as the First Ceremonial Master; W.C. Sims was appointed as Captain of the Guard; A. Moorehand was appointed as the Outer Guard; and Noble J.L. Hardeman of Medji Temple No. 45 was the organizer over the event.
                                   -45 years-